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06/13/2015 Frank Wilser and Regina Geisler receive their 1st HG NE.
05/25/2015 Accompanied by thunderous applause at the International Seminar's Gala Dinner in Hockenheim, two Master nominations were given: Master Thomas Dietrich was announced 7th Grade NE and Sascha Böhringer received the 5th Grade NE!
05/27/2012 Falk Welker receives the 4th HG NE at the International Seminar in Hockenheim.
06/12/2011 Bernd Hoyer receives the 6th Grade Newman-Escrima by GM Bill Newman.
10/23/2010 Thomas Dietrich receives the 6th Grade Newman-Escrima by GM Bill Newman.
05/23/2010 4th HG Newman-Escrima for Sascha Böhringer.
Sascha Böhringer received the 4th HG Newman-Escrima from GM Bill Newman in the presence of GM Keith Kernspecht at the evening event of the EWTO's Grand International Seminar right after the very successful Escrima demonstration.
11.05.2008 Thomas Dietrich and Bernd Hoyer appointed "Master of Escrima".



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