October, 2010

Master Thomas Dietrich - 6th Grade NE

Sparring partner, friend and master of his domain - that's how I reckon Master Thomas Dietrich. On October, 23rd 2010 Grandmaster Bill Newman was giving a seminar in Maulbronn. Master Thomas Dietrich wanted to come around as well. Both of us were really looking forward to this joint session since both our timetables have been really packed the last couple of years. However, I was especially looking forward this time.

Grandmaster Bill Newman awards Thomas Dietrich the first 6th Grade in Newman-Escrima.

The reason for my anticipation: Grandmaster Bill let me know beforehand that it would be Master Thomas Dietrich, being his student for over 28 years, which will receive the first 6th Grade awarded by him.

Thomas more than deserves it. He's propagating Newman-Escrima within the EWTO for decades and for the last couple of years he is also representing it at the leadership seminars, with tons of positive feedback.

Master Thomas' training partners coined his nickname "Doc" for good reason: With a surgeon's precision he's dissecting his opponents and their movements. Next he's analysing his own actions with the same meticulousness to reach the maximum possible efficiency of moving and movements. Sparring with him turns out to be likewise informative and pleasent each time!

Thank you, Thomas, for imparting all that knowlege to me and for all those years of training together. I'm looking forward for the upcoming ones!

Bis bald
Bernd Hoyer
5th Grade NE