EWTO Croatia's Summer Camp 2003

On the 3rd day of the seminar, when everyone was working on the sparring techniques of the 5th student grade, much to everyone's surprise, the editor-in-chief (Nadja Irena Fisic) of the daily newspaper "Jutarnji List" walked in. The newspaper is amongst the Top 3 daily newspapers of Croatia and Nadja traveled some 190 mi all the way from Zagreb in order to interview GM Bill Newman.

GM Bill Newman demonstrating how to handle sword and buckler.

Despite her tight agenda, the editor-in-chief stayed another while to see some demos from GM Bill Newman, and she was deeply impressed.

The editor-in-chief watched GM Bill's demos very closely.

GM Bill demonstrated various applications covering the sword, sword and buckler, espada y daga, tonfa, staff, single stick and short-power.

At the end of the session both Falk Welker (Escrima Assistant Croatia) and Jürgen Pottiez (Karlsruhe) received their 2nd TG. Since there was only one more day to go, training continued with a focus on the sparring techniques of the 5th student's grade. The TGs trained these accordingly to their programme, i.e. sword and buckler, staff and dos manos (transition).

And there were mode graduatoins: Sascha Böhringer (Escrima Assistant Croatia) graduated in a very special test, his 1st TG. Patrick Schmitt (Karlsruhe) received his instructor's diploma.

Learning about strategy and tactics in combat was not finished for this day however. In the afternoon most of the summer camp partitioners met for a paintball match. The "playground" was the premises of a 300 years old farmstead. Just like in Escrima, it was imperative in order to survive to use proper strategies and tactics. The encounters were hard and rough and went on for a few hours but at the end of the day (and many bruises later) it was simply great fun for everyone!

The "Paintball Army" lead by master sergeant B. Schimpf. (frontmost).

On the last day of the summer camp focus was put on the figure eight using one or two weapons and on short-power. At the end of the seminar week, Bernd Hoyer received his 3rd TG. Everyone was very happy and satisfied with the days spent in Croatia and promises were made to come back next year.

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