EWTO Croatia's Summer Camp 2003

Escrima Chiefinstructor GM Bill Newman's 1st time visit in Croatia

The village of Vodice located in Dalmatia, right at the coast and in between Zadar and Split.

Just like last year, Escrimadores and WT-folks from various countries, gathered in Vodice to participate this year's summer camp. It would become a very special one this time due to its guest of honour, Escrima Grandmaster Bill Newman.

The promenade of Vodice.

On August, 4th of 2003 it all started at 8.30 pm when GM Bill Newman and his wife Helen arrived at the international airport of Split. The temperature was still 97°F when the national coach of Croatia, Tihomir Kolar and Bernd Hoyer (assistant Escrima head coach of Croatia) gave them a warm welcome. After about a one-hour trip by car, it was straight to a cosy restaurant for local delicacies. The food was served on a roof-top terrace which was built of planks from old ships, and giving a wonderful view all over the pictorial marina of Vodice. That night's "dessert" was the famous Dalmatian wine and big fireworks right above the marina.


The next day started at 9.30 am and it marked the first of five days of the seminar. The participants from Austria, Croatia, Slowenia and Germany were in a top mood eagerly awaiting the things to come. GM Bill Newman put emphasis on the student programmes that day. Everyone benefited from it and had the chance to ask GM Bill question during and after the session.

On the 2nd day, GM Bill Newman went even further into the details of the student and technician programmes and focused on some "Short-Power" applications that were trained intensively by everyone then. As that day's grand finale, Sifu Tihomir Kolar was awarded the 3rd Technician grade.



Well, who's having more fun here...?

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