December, 2010

Make a noise

Since 1964 Joachim Leis has been fighting quitely and with direct physical contact. It was in 2009 when it already became obvious that this will change in 2010, in a burst. Or rather a thrust. Ever since Leis is having a blast - with a noise.

Here's my martial arts CV, in bullet points, as I'd like to put it as a detective chief superintendent.

Wrestling at TSV Ludwigsburg
Karate at MTV Ludwigsburg
Judo, Dojo Biberach
Jiu-Jitsu, Dojo Göppingen
Operations instructor MEK LKA BW
Instructor for behaviour, attitude and self-defence, BKA
Joined the WingTsun school Ludwigsburg
WT Instructor
Instructor for Kids-WingTsun, instructor for women's assertiveness
12th SG WingTsun, Trainer 1
ChiKung Instructor
Became a student of Newman-Escrima at Master Bernd Hoyer's academy
1st TG WingTsun, Trainer 2
2nd SG Newman-Escrima

In the autumn of 2005 I joined the EWTO, to learn the art of WingTsun self-defence at the school of a friend of mine, Sihing Sifu Andreas Stahnke. When his WingTsun school Ludwigsburg celebrated its 4th anniversary in autumn 2009 combined with the opening of new premises at Steinbeißstraße in Ludwigsburg, Sifu Andreas and I were really happy that besides many other guests, a good friend of ours, Escrima Master Bernd Hoyer (5th PG), payed us a visit.

The three of us sat in late, after all other visitors had gone home, having a lively discussion. The conversation was mostly about Newman-Escrima, which Master Bernd practises, and the way he explained the principles to us. Very fascinating. Sifu Andreas and I wanted to see this in living colour. We kindly asked Master Bernd to give a 5 hrs seminar in Ludwigsburg as soon as his schedule would permit it. It happened to be in February, 2010.

On this Saturday, February 6th, 2010, almost all full aged students of the WingTsun school Ludwigsburg, participated in this seminar. It became a 5-hrs-experience in which Master Bernd Hoyer impressively demonstrated to us the weapon system Newman-Escrima. Literally striking.

Starting with some handling excercises, we progressed through some basics on to the five strikes, finally. After a short break we continued with the 1st student grade's offlining excercise, in which you have to yield an attack by applying proper footwork.

Finally we started to make some noise. We were having a blast. In a partner excercise, the five strikes had to be conducted with real power. Obviously everyone had a great time. But it also became clear to us that Newman-Escrima is not just waving about some sticks. And this seminar was not over yet...

The cherry on the cake was a little demonstration using sword and buckler. It showed impressively what "the art of using cutting weapons" is about. After this rather mediaeval journey the rest of the bonus demonstration showed what can be done with today's knives and objects (e.g. an umbrella, CD covers, or spray cans) in the hand of a trained Newman-Escrimador.

If it wasn't already before the seminar, it was definitely afterwards, that I knew for sure I need to learn this fascinating martial arts with weapons. I asked Master Bernd for a trial lesson, which convinced him to continue teaching me Newman-Escrima at his academy in Eppingen. I am more than happy to be his student.

Ever since I was six years old, I'm practising martial arts simply for the fun of it. All that time I was guided and instructed by very experienced and professional trainers and instructors, likewise in wrestling, Karate, kickboxing, Judo, or Jiu-Jitsu.

Due to my job I got involved in street fighting since I was 20: Ten years being part of a mobile task force, two years as chief of a personal security force and ten more years while being part of a task force to fight organized crime.

I think that qualifies me to some extent to know what martial arts / sports and self-defence are really about. But since I came in contact with Newman-Escrima, my overall knowlege and experience of strategy, attitude and acting in fights, grew vastly, once more.

Since I am a very diligent student, I got rewarded by Grandmaster Bill Newman with the 2nd student grade, by now.


And I'm truly looking forward to my next Escrima lessons, having fun - with a noise.

Text: Joachim Leis
Kriminalhauptkommissar a.D./Diplom Verwaltungswirt
Source translated by: The Navigator
Pics: WingTsun-Schule Ludwigsburg