WTW, 11/30/2008

There are no mysteries

On November 7th Master Bill held his last seminar for this year in Germany, Neuss. Again, it was a very special event...

Many showed up very early to this seminar. Amongst them, the one every one else was waiting for. Placid, in a good temper and enjoying his coffee, Master Bill was sitting in the entrance area of the EWTO school in Neuss.

The seminar group consisted roughly half/half of basic and mid-level students. The atmosphere was good but still a bit reserved. Master Bill eased up the situation smartly with his congeniality and some jokes. Then there it was, the cricial phrase: "There are not mysteries!". While elaborating on this Master Bill demonstrated that every student, no matter at which level, always works on the same things. How true this statement is became even more obvious when the Grandmaster demonstrated some Tonfa applications in direct comparision to other weapons.

Again and again he emphasised vividly the importance of the empty hand (the one with no weapon). Often neglected, this hand is called "live hand". For right-handed people most of the time this is the left hand. He showed examples for the deployment of the "live hand" and its usage, supported by Thomas Theren (3rd TG Escrima). Constantly involving the students, he created an indescribably motivating atmosphere. The core, the essence of this seminar was clearly given: The most important thing is your brain. Move your head out of attacks and stay behind your weapon.

The numerous facettes around this core directive made that seminar to an unforgettable experience. Besides the individual Escrima exercises Master Bill put something essential across: self-confidence and the ability to enjoy the things you do.

Text: Jens Nördershäuser
Source translated by: The Navigator